Help with Religious Trauma & Confusion

Religious trauma and confusion can cut to the core of your identity, leaving you feeling lost, empty, and disconnected.  Work with a therapist who understands the unique needs of people like you.

Religious Trauma and Confusion are difficult to grapple with...

Since religious beliefs are often ingrained in our minds from an early age, and since the implicit impact of religion on our current lives can be difficult to see, religious trauma and confusion require special attention...

Religious Trauma

One only need look in the media to read about the many reports of abuse (sexual or otherwise) common in many religious communities.  Furthermore, many people may feel traumatized when they are rejected by their religious communities, communities they have relied on for a sense of belonging, meaning, and structure in their lives.  Such rejection can feel especially painful when it occurs, whether it is due to "breaking the rules" (such as getting divorced, being gay, falling in love with someone forbidden, etc.) or for other reasons.  The impact of such traumas is complex and requires sensitivity to a variety of domains in which the pain might be present in the person's life.  If you find yourself grappling with such difficult issues, please reach out for a consultation.

Religious Confusion

Some people are basically happy with their religious and spiritual lives, yet feel a sense of confusion about how to reconcile what their religion teaches with their own predispositions or way of living their life.  In these cases, the fit between a person's sense of who they are and who their religion idealizes may create feelings of shame, confusion, and inhibition.  If you find yourself confused or stuck in regards to how you relate to your current religion or previous religious or spiritual experiences, please reach out for an initial consultation.

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