When Other Therapies Haven't Worked

Therapy for those with previously incomplete or ineffective therapy

It can be devastating when our hopes for change haven't happened despite our best effort in therapy.  When this happens, find a therapist who has expertise in examining your presenting issues in new ways to find new solutions.  There is light at the end of the tunnel.

When you continue to struggle despite prior therapy...

Sometimes it can take a while before finding a therapist with the expertise needed to help you find the solutions to your problem, especially when those problems feel vague or unclear in your awareness.

Previously Incomplete Psychotherapy

When you feel that previous therapy is incomplete or that you did not reach all of your goals, additional therapy may be beneficial.  I am happy to review your situation with you.  I enjoy the challenge of working with patients to identify, experience, and ultimately resolve painful feelings that have not subsided and that remain confusing or vague as to why they are present for you.  My approach utilizes a whole-person, strengths-based approach that can help identify where an issue may hide in the complexity of the many factors that impact a person's well-being and mental health.

When You Feel No One Can Help...

It can be very demoralizing to have gone through a course of psychotherapy and feel little improvement in your initial symptoms or in reaching your goals.  Many people turn such incomplete outcomes in on themselves as some sort of "proof" that they are beyond help or cannot be understood.  I take pride in my ability to help individuals in such situations to reframe, re-examine, and move from what can feel like a "stuck" position toward the direction of health, wholeness, excitement, and aliveness.  If you are wish to make such a shift, please reach out and schedule a consultation with me.

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Todd Anderson, PhD, LP maintains a private psychotherapy practice.  He provides individual and couples therapy to a diverse community including gay men, those struggling with sexual behaviors, BDSM/Kink practitioners, those with religious confusion or trauma, those coping with chronic physical illness, and those with previously unsuccessful or incomplete courses of psychotherapy.


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